Your fat…and you don’t know it!

According to this report from the BBC news (, it seems that most of us don’t know how fat/obese we are.

If you can’t be arsed to read the news story, it says that while over 25% of people surveyed actually were obese, only 7% of them thought they were obese!

We get quite a few overweight people starting in the gym.  These fantastic (and i must say, brave) people have seen that they are not making the most of their lives…that they can be fitter, healthier and get more from their time in the world.  And they have made the huge step to do something about it.

But it seems that these stars are in the minority!  How many more people are out there and they don’t even know that they are slowly killing themselves!

We all know what we need to do to get healthier, fitter and lose weight…

“Eat less, do more!”

But if we don’t think that this advice is aimed at us, it’s no wonder that so many people don’t take it in.

Here is the very handy Body Mass Index (BMI) chart.  Find your height and weight and see where you land on the graph.

BMI Chart

BMI Chart

If it’s in an orangey/red bit, then contact your local leisure centre/gym/swimming pool/sports club etc and join up.

Better still, if you live in or around Skipton North Yorkshire, get in touch with me!  (did i mention i’m a fitness coach :))

And one last bit of tough love advice…stop kidding yourself thinking it doesn’t apply to you because “muscle weighs more than fat”.  You can only start doubting BMI if you have been doing HEAVY weight training several times a week for months/years.

Heavy weight training....

Heavy weight training….

...NOT heavy weight training.

…NOT heavy weight training.

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