An ENHANCED Guide to Advanced Shotokan Kata

Brought to you by Clwb Heb Enw Shotokan Karate Club

DVD Front CoverSee the Advanced Brown Belt Shotokan Katas, Bassai Dai, Kanku Dai, Empi, Jion and Hangetsu performed by KUGB Kata Champion, Sensei Paul James (5th Dan).

See 50 minutes of original footage showing each of the Katas at half speed from the front, at half speed from the side and again at full speed and power! This way you can see and learn the detail of each move, but also see how it is meant to be done for real!

Also, see and be talked through the “Bunkai” (practical applications) of several sections of the Katas. Learn just what these Advanced Katas can be used for!

Now enhanced with “Champions Commentaries”

Choose to hear Sensei Paul James talk you through the Katas, giving you tips, background information and common mistakes to avoid!

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Kata Front View
Gohon Kumite - 5 Step Sparring
  • Kata Empi – Seen at half speed from the front and side and again at full speed and power.
  • Get talked through the Bunkai (practical applications) for Katas! See what they can be used for.
2nd Kyu Combination
Yoko Geri
  • Kata Kanku Dai. See all the detail as you either learn the Kata from scratch, or see how the best do it!
  • Learn what the moves for Kanku Dai are for, and what they can do!

See a sneaky clip of what to expect on this DVD…the Bunkai to Empi!

With approx. 50 minutes of exclusive footage, this disc is a must for anyone wanting to learn or refresh their Advanced Katas!

This disc is now available in both PAL and North American NTSC format! If you have a preference, please say so when paying!