Why exercise is like shoes….(?)

Forgive me for the rambling nature of this post…it’s early and I’m still half asleep. I did a very quick and un-scientific survey in work over the weekend.

“Why do you actually do exercise?”

And near the top of almost everyones list was because they actually liked it in some way.  Some liked it for the social aspect, for the activity itself, the buzz it gave them or the way it made them look/feel.  But they all enjoyed themselves.

This came as a surprise to a couple of people I told afterwards.  They couldn’t believe that people could enjoy what had made them so miserable in school, or any other time they had tried exercise. But i honestly think that if you are one of those people, you just haven’t tried the right kind of exercise yet. 

There are more ways to be physically active than there are shoes styles!  And if you had a pair of shoes you didn’t like, you wouldn’t shun all shoes forever.  You would shop around for a different pair…so shop around for the kind of exercise you like.  I guarantee there’s some out there in your style 🙂