Returning to exercise after injury or surgery


When it comes to your health and wellbeing, first and foremost you should listen to the medical experts. Also, because there are so many variables here, I will only be able to give general guidelines. You cannot and should not think of anything I say here to be specific advice to you personally.

That being said, my experience of helping people return from injury or surgery has taught me a thing or two. And I actually snapped my achilles tendon at the start of July, so am having some first hand experience of this!

When an injury means you have to stop training.

I've mentioned this before, but what the hell, I'll mention it again...I've been very lucky to have trained with a wide range of people with a wide range of injuries and medical conditions.  I've worked with men, women, the young, the old, people in the prime of their life, people with broken bones, with dodgy joints, with mental issues, with strokes and people with conditions I can't even pronounce!