Skipton Stroke Rehabilitation

Craven stroke rehab

What is stroke rehabilitation?

Once someone has had a stroke, they will spend some time in the hospital.  There they will get some superb care and therapy.  Once they are discharged, they will get some ongoing therapy.  But eventually that will stop...  

This is where Rees Fitness comes in.  

Rees Fitness Stroke Rehab

I am a qualified ARNI instructor and can help stroke survivors:

  • Improve their general health
  • Improve their movements
  • Improve their strength
  • Improve their fitness
  • Improve their functional, practical abilities in their everyday lives.

Improving these aspects is not a quick and easy thing.  It takes a lot of time and effort.  But if you are up for the challenge, read on...

One to one stroke rehabilitation sessions.

If you would like dedicated, one to one sessions with me, find out more by clicking here.

Group stroke rehabilitation classes.

Click here for more information on the weekly Group Rehab Sessions at Craven Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre.

Resources for you.

Click here to download the exercise cards we use in the class.  I will update these as time goes by.  This is the June 2016 version.

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Annie #1

"Working with Cerin is working in safe hands. He listens very carefully and understands my needs and where I'm coming from extremely well. He helps me push myself to achieve the goals I have set. I have gained a level of fitness working with Cerin in a relatively short period of time, that I haven't been able to achieve by going to the gym in years!"