Online Coaching

Online personal training

What is Online Coaching?

If we can't train together, for whatever reason, we can simply use the internet to help you.  Depending on your goal, I can help coach you through improving your habits and behaviours.  I can make workout programmes for you to follow and help you learn how to exercise safely and efficiently.

Using online tools such as instant messaging, video and shared documents, You can get my help and experience wherever you are.

Free Online healthy eating course

FREE healthy eating course

Change your eating habits one week at a time.  Learn about behaviour change and how changing the way you think about food may be the key to helping you eat the right food, and the right amount of that food.

Click here for the FREE online healthy eating course.

Couch to 5k running programme

Couch to 5k

The perfect way to help you start getting out and about running.  This proven programme has helped thousands of people all over the world go from nothing to being able to run their first 5k.  Each week get the next part of the plan emailed to you totally for free.

Click here for the FREE couch to 5k running programme.