Online Personal Training

Online personal training

Why you might want Online Personal Training

  • You are starting from scratch and want a guide to get you going.  Maybe you don't know what to do or how to take the first step.  If you are unsure about the fitness world, online personal training can help you take your first steps.
  • You already train regularly but need direction.  Do you go to the gym but find yourself spinning your wheels, doing a lot of "stuff" but none of it is getting you to your goal?  Maybe your training needs a kick up the bum to re-energise it and put it back on track.
  • You need flexibility and accountibility in your training. The lifestyle of some people means they can't commit to regular face to face personal training.  But they still need the accountibility of a trainer to make sure they get it done.

Here is why some other people have chosen online personal training:

"I simply couldn't afford a personal trainer.  But this way, I get all the expertise, but at a cost I can afford"

"Because of my job and family, I always had to cancel my training sessions at the last minute.  This way I can do my training when I have the time."

"Everything I need to exercise is right there on my phone...I have it with me all the time"

What is Online Personal Training?

I have tried to keep my online training as similar to my face to face training as possible.  With the online version, you will get:

  • Questionnaires and chats so I know what it is you want from the training.
  • Relavent assessments to see how things are going.
  • 4 week training programmes, tailored to you, your environment and training equipment.
  • Ever expanding video tutorials showing you the right and wrong ways to do exercises.
  • Regular email and video access to me, so you can ask any questions you may have.
  • Access to a group or personal online, virtual classroom for challenges, food diaries, training plans etc.
  • All the above for just £1 a day!

Tutorial for Ab Crunch
Detailed tutorials for the exercises in your routine.  Learn how to do them well and the common mistakes to avoid.

Virtual Classroom
Access to the group, or your very own personal virtual classroom.  Here you access your training programmes, update your training planner and food diary and I can coach you through any and all issues you may have.

How to get Online Personal Training

1 Choose how many weeks of online personal training you would like and buy it here:
Weeks of coaching...

Fill out the registration form by clicking here.  This is where I find out about any health or medical issues, what your goals for the training is, the best way to contact you etc.


We arrange a time to have a personal chat on the phone or online, so we can go over your answers and fill in any blanks.


I work up the training plans for you, based on your answers and our chat and send it to you via email or your own, personal, virtual Google Classroom.  It will include full instructions for your training sessions and video tutorials for the exercises.


We stay in contact for the duration via email or even video if required.  I will check up on your progress and you ask any questions or make any comments about how things are going.

If you have any questions or comments about Online Personal Training, please feel free to contact me and ask by going to my Contact page here.

So don't forget, Buy your Online Personal Training package now!

Weeks of coaching...