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Name:  Burpees Also known as:  (Do you know them by another name?  If so, leave a comment below) Main muscles used:  Legs, bum, shoulders, arms, heart. Other muscles used:  Most of the muscles in the body. Top tips:


Squat Thrusts


Mountain Climber

Name:  Mountain Climbers
Also known as:  Single leg squat thrusts
Main muscles used:  Shoulders, legs, heart.
Other muscles used:  Stomach, arms.
Top tips:


Bodyweight Squats - Good


I was in a really good mood the other day.  A lass who is a regular in the gym actually came up and asked how to improve her pressups!  Most people grimace and run a mile when I mention pressups to them!  So here is a rough and ready guide to pressups.  How to do them and how not to do them..

What parts of the body are involved?

Because they are an upper body pushing exercise, the main working muscles are:


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After weeks of fighting to get it arranged, I'm finally in a position to announce my first Exercise Workshop here in Skipton, North Yorshire! It will be an indepth tutorial on how to do some of the main, fundamental resistance exercises and how they cross-over to virtually every other exercise you do. It will cover how to do things, how not to do things, and most importantly, why. There will be room only for the first 15 people who book themselves on the list, so as soon as you have signed up, please tell your friends so they can join in too!


I was taking a client round the gym yesterday, and he asked me a common question... "whats the right way to do a situp?" The short answer to this is "there isn't one"...the long answer is:

There is probably a million different ways to do a situp or crunch, and none of them are right, and none of them are wrong...they are just different.  Some versions will be: