So we did Nettle Warrior 2016 last Sunday...

So there was no Broughton Hall bootcamp last weekend because a few of us took part in Nettle Warrior 2016.

This was my 3rd time doing Nettle Warrior and I've always enjoyed it loads.  But since my first go I've learned that their pre-event "information" packs are hilariously rubbish, so you never really know what is going on until you actually turn up and do it!


What subjects should I write about next???

Writers Block

Over the years I've written a lot of articles for this website (click here to go through them, all the way back to the summer of 2009!!!)  And I want to add more articles to the list.  I always found that writing articles helped me learn new subjects and also to clarify my thinking on old subjects.  This meant I could:


3 girls, 1 guy and some bench press fun!

When it's a nice sunny day and you want to burn off some excess energy...

If you want to come join us and play, click here for more details...


Broughton Hall, Sundays 9am

Broughton Hall Bootcamp

Important Announcement!

By request, as of this Sunday, our Broughton Hall Bootcamp will change starting times to 9am.  This gives us all a reason to get up in the morning, and also means we have the rest of the day to play.

So, to test this theory out, here is a plan for this Sunday:


Rees Fitness on social media

I'm spreading out on the internet!  I don't actually know what I'm going to do with all these things, so if you have any ideas...let me know!


Be prepared!


One of the best ways to make sure something gets done is to be prepared!  So if you want to improve your diet, or improve your exercise or whatever, you are more likely to succeed if you plan ahead.


Sunday 3rd July - beginners run and breakfast

Run and breakfast

So I've heard that some people have felt nervous about joining us on the group sessions.  If this is you, then listen up!

Each month we go find somewhere nice and pretty to jog around.  Then we go get a nice breakfast, because we deserve it.


Healthy eating rules - Include lots of different coloured fruit and veg with every meal

Rainbow of coloursI like to teach people the 10 Rules To Healthy Eating.

The second rule to healthy eating is "Include lots of different coloured fruit and veg with every meal".


"I've only been exercising for 5 minutes, and I'm already knackered! I'm SO unfit!"

Out of breath

This is aimed towards people who are new to exercise.  Who have plucked up the courage to get stuck in, but don't know what to expect.

But having said that, it applys to absolutely everyone!  It doesn't matter if you are brand new, or if you have been training for a while now, or even if you are competing on the international stage.  It is the same for everyone.