Couch to 5k programme

Couch to 5k

This is the first time I've done something like this, so please bare with me and let me know how it goes (seriously, I really actually do want some feedback from this).


Planning your week ahead.

Do you have next week planned yet?


To make the most of our health and fitness, it's best to plan ahead.  That way, we are less likely to get caught out by the unexpected.  We have a better idea of what exercise we can or can't do and if we will have trouble sticking to our healthy eating habits.

So this is here to help you plan ahead...


Food diary - What, why and how?

Healthy eating and nutrition

What is a food diary?

Easy things first.  A food diary is simply a log of what we eat and drink throughout the day.  If we eat or drink it, we make a note of it for future reference.


Movement is good for us...ALL of us

Stroke rehab

This morning I was honored to be asked to do a demonstration of the Stroke Rehab Classes I take on Friday afternoons.  It was for the Silsden Stroke Support Group (3rd Tuesday of each month, contact me for details) and we did our regular warm up and a few of the simple exercises to show the group.


Springtime Challenge, anyone??

For anyone who has trained with me, or heard me get on my soap box and go off on one, you will have noticed how i like the “little and often” method of getting good at things.

For those who don’t know, the “little and often” method is simply doing a little of something, lots of times (the clue is in the name).  Doing this means we get a lot of practice at something, without any single dose breaking us into pieces.

But over time, with all this practice, we get better at the thing we are practicing!  You have heard it before...Practice Makes Perfect!


Sunday Bootcamp on tour again!

Sunday Bootcamp on tour

This Sunday, 5th March, bootcamp will be on tour again!


Sunday 5th March, 10am.


Grimwith Reservoir.  Click below for a map...


Bootcamp goes on tour this Sunday!

Sunday Bootcamp

This Sunday, 5th Feb, our Bootcamp training session will NOT be taking place at Broughton Hall...instead it is going on tour to Cowling!

We will be starting at the bottom of the hill at my friends house, then running up the hill to the pinnacle and rocks, having a play, before coming back down again.


Easy flat 5k walk this Saturday.

If you ever wanted to join us but thought:

  • I'm not fit enough yet
  • I'd hold everyone up
  • I would get left behind

Well, this is for you.  And easy off road walk of about 5k-ish out in the open, whatever the weather.


Yarnbury lead mine.  See the map below.


Change of time for Skipton Stroke Rehab class

Skipton Stroke Rehab

Please pass these details onto everyone you know!

The new time for the Skipton Stroke Rehab sessions are:

Every Friday, 1:15-2:15pm.

For all details, click on my Skipton Stroke Rehab page.


Easy jog about on Christmas Eve!

Easy social jog on Christmas eve!  Click below for details and to register your name...

Rees Fitness Christmas Eve jog.