You don't have to do EVERYTHING all at once...but you must do SOMETHING.

If we need to change our activity levels, or if we need to change our eating/drinking habits, it can be a bit daunting.  We see and hear so many things we should be doing.  We look at ourselves and at those people in the magazines and think there is so much we need to change!  Where do we even start?

Well, don't worry.  Do me a favour and don't try to change everything.  You shouldn't try to change it all in one go.  That will almost certainly lead to failure.

However, there is a saying a wise man once said:


The difference between knowing, and doing.

We all know how to get fitter:

  • Move more
  • Move more often
  • Get the blood pumping
  • Get the breathing up

We all know how to get stronger:

  • Lift weights
  • Do resistance exercises
  • Do it more often

We all know how to eat healthier:


How to do an L Sit

The L Sit is a very difficult core exercise.  I mean it, it's really hard to do.  You need a lot of things working well for you if you want to be able to do it.  Things like:

  • Strong stomach muscles
  • Strong legs
  • Flexible hamstrings
  • Strongs wrists
  • Good sense of balance

In this way, you might consider the L Sit to be an example of a Keystone Ability.


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Healthy eating and nutrition

If you do a quick google search, you will find a few million diets out there promising you the latest, greatest, most high tech way of shedding pounds of fat.  They promise astonishing results using only them most revolutionary techniques that the internet has been trying to hide from you.


Achilles repair - Day 17

Back in the hospital to check how everything has gone.  17 days after the injury and 10 days after surgery.

My first adventure through town in the rain and then on the bus and all was good.  The consultant had a very quick look at how things were and tried to bend my ankle a bit.  It was having none of it!  I'm not sure if it was because the foot has been kept totally immobile all this time, or because of the stitches or because it was still really bloody swollen, but it didn't want to move!


Pullup progressions - how to do your first pullup

Who doesn't want to be able to do a pullup?  They are awesome!  I class the pullup as a Keystone ability...If you can do them, it's an indicator that you can't be in that bad a shape!  But they are tough.  You need a good amount of strength.  And not just in your arms, where a lot of people think.  In fact, if you are thinking of the pullup as an arm move, you have already started off on the wrong foot.  Think of it as an upper half of the body move.


The best core exercises and how to do them.

Core Tutorials

So that's a bit of a click baity title, huh?  Anyway, here is my video playlist showing you the best core exercises known to man or woman, and all the details of how to do them properly, without looking like a numpty.

I'm planning on adding more of these tutorial videos to this playlist while I'm in rehab.  It should update in real time, so you will always see the latest additions below.

Let me know what you think!


Achilles rupture repair - Day 7, Surgery

Monday 17th July.  Started off playing with the bench press.  Not much legs involved so can still play with those.  Thank you Anna for making sure I stay safe!

And after playing first thing in the morning, I get the phone call from the hospital...Can I make it in midday for surgery that afternoon!  Woo hoo!  It's happening!

So cleared my diary for the rest of the day and a special big thanks to Jo who swapped her training session with me for driving me into the hospital!


Day 3.  Finding out what's next at the hospital.

I had my check up at the hospital this morning.  Didn't need a scan in the end.  The guy heard how it happened, took 1 poke at it and said yup, total rupture.  It seems it has snapped a bit higher than usual.  He said it normally goes down close to where the tendon attaches to the heel (as seen in the picture below).  But mine has gone a bit higher, closer to where it attaches to the calf muscle.

Achilles tendon rupture location


Achilles rupture rehab - part 1

Slight change of tone in these articles for the next couple of months I'm afraid.  Just to give you a fair warning, you may or may not be interested in the content.