Group Training Sessions.

Skipton Group Training

I run private and public group training sessions.

Private Groups

Private groups are often made up of:

  • Staff of local businesses.  Fitter, healthier staff are more productive and schemes like this are often funded through the business as a staff benefit.
  • Members of sports teams/groups.  I don't think I need to tell you that being fitter and stronger improves chances of sporting success!
  • Members of social groups/friends.  It is always easier to exercise if your friends are there to cheer you along or tell you off if you miss a session!
  • Any bunch of people who want to get fitter/stronger together.  

These give pre-existing groups of people a chance to train around their own schedule and specify their own goals and targets.  If you, your co-workers, team mates or friends are interested in arranging a group, contact me today.

Public Groups

These are open to anyone and everyone.

Broughton Hall Outdoor Bootcamp.

Broughton Hall Bootcamp

Click here for all the details.

FLASHmob Fitness sessions.

There is no set time or place for these sessions.  They happen at random times and places.  Click here for all the details.

Craven Fitness Centre Bootcamp.

I run these through Craven Fitness Centre in Skipton.  Every Wednesday at 6pm.  16 year olds and over only.  Outdoors whatever the weather, throughout the year.  These are free for members of Craven Fitness Centre and £5.10 for non members.  Get there 5 minutes early and pay at the main reception desk.

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We are always on the look out for outdoor places we can train at.  If you know of a park, field, woods, reservoir, trail etc that is begging to be used as a community fitness place, contact me by clicking here.

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Annie #1

"Working with Cerin is working in safe hands. He listens very carefully and understands my needs and where I'm coming from extremely well. He helps me push myself to achieve the goals I have set. I have gained a level of fitness working with Cerin in a relatively short period of time, that I haven't been able to achieve by going to the gym in years!"