Catching up with things...

So things have been happening over the last few weeks, so here is a little catch up so I know where I am and hopefully you do too...

Regular outdoor group training sessions every week!

Sundays, 4-5pm.


FREE dress rehearsal for Silsden outdoor Bootcamp on Friday evening.

Silsden BootcampWhat.

Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp.  Run, jump, crawl, drag and basically work your socks off to get fitter and stronger.


Friday 2nd October, 6pm.


Silsden Park.  Meet at the swings and roundabouts.


I don't think you need to worry about that...Or - Don't waste your money on 21 energy gels.

Is this enough energy gels?We dashed 22 miles up Snowdon the other day (  It was lovely.  A really fun day out.  I well recommend it to you.


A Rees Fitness Double Header!

Rees Fitness BootcampSomeone told me racing up Snowdon would be a good idea, so I'm away next weekend.  So to make up for it, I'm presenting you with a double header on Sunday 13th!


Sunday Sept 13th.  9am and then again at 4pm.  
Click here to register your name so I know who is turning up...


Do you "train" or do you "workout"?

Do you "Train", or do you "work out"?  Do you think there is a difference between the two?  Have you ever been so bored/nerdy/pedantic to even ask this question of yourself?

As usual, this question came about from various random chats I've had with people recently.  And in my head it comes down to our intended end result.  So after discussions over a bottle/pizza or two, these are the definitions we have come up with:


Rees Fitness is going full time!

CelebrationUp until now I have been doing my Rees Fitness coaching in my spare time.  My full time job was working in the council run gym at Skipton.  Because of this, I have never been able to be fully commited to Rees Fitness...but that is all changing now.


August Strength & Fitness Assessment...Register here!

Strength and Fitness AssessmentAfter a busy few weeks, it's time for the (semi) monthly Strength & Fitness Assessment!

If you don't know what we get up to, or what is assessed on these things, I've explained it all in the past, so click here.