Monthly run and breakfast...

Reservoir run and breakfast

What is it?

A monthly, enjoyable run.  With:

  • Good people
  • Good outdoor locations
  • Good laughs

Followed by a slap up breakfast at a nice place straight afterwards.

When is it?

1st Sunday of each month (usually).

Where is it?

Somewhere slightly different each month.  But always somewhere involving:


Do you too have no life? Join me for Christmas Full Moon 5k (ish)!

Full Moon 5k (ish)

So it seems that the next full moon is on Christmas Day.  

Sunset is at 3:49pm.

Moonrise is at 4:31pm.


Stroke rehab classes starting in new year

Stroke rehab group exercise class.  SkiptonI gave a little talk at a stroke survivors social group this morning.  It was to tell people about the rehab group class we are starting in January.


80% of success is simply turning up.

The title of this post is a famous quote from Woody Allen.  And I have found myself using it quite a bit recently, especially in the run up to Christmas.  I've recently started to run group sessions for some office workers (click here if you are interested in something similar) and as usual, a few of them have felt a bit sore a couple of days after their first session (click here if you want to know what that is all about).


Fun at Urban Attack 2015

Last Saturday, me and Jo had a go at Urban Attack at the Manchester Velodrome.  This is definitely an obstacle "race!"  The course is very short (it's set on the BMX track) and you dash your way round against the clock.  The fastest go through to the next round, until the best 15 males and females have a go in the final.

I only made it to the semi finals (but had a hell of a good time all the way), but Jo got all the way through to the finals and only bloody ended up coming 4th!  Well done!


Change of time for Broughton Outdoor Fitness Training

Change of times for Broughton group training

As of this Sunday onwards (Nov 29th), Broughton outdoor group training will be from 3-4pm.  Otherwise, all is the same.


Full Moon 5k (ish)

Full Moon 5k (ish)

What is Full Moon 5k (ish)?

I always like a full moon.  I guess it's because I grew up re-watching An American Werewolf in London.  But now I actually get to go around Yorkshire during a full moon and try to "stay, on, the path"!


No training on Sunday November 8th

Just a quickie to say there will be no training on Sunday 8th.  A bunch of us are going down south to take part in the Wolf Run.  But there will be the normal training at Silsden on Friday evening.  So maybe try that one instead?