Run and Sunday lunch, anyone?

Run and Sunday Lunch

Slight change from the usual excuse for a good breakfast this's and excuse for a Sunday lunch instead!


Easy social jog around Grimwith reservoir.  It is about 4-5 miles and we follow a good path all the way around.  It is basically flat with just a couple of easy slopes.


3 Golden Rules To Getting Fitter

3 Golden Rules

My new article in The Skipton Press is out!  I try to cut through the fitness industry noise and help you work out your best way to get fitter.  Well, obviously, the best way is to hire me, but you know what I'm talking about :)


5 exercises you can do in the local playground

I like to pretend that I have a slightly better understanding of how the body moves than your average trainer.  So I like to try to find as many ways to train that don't involve the usual gym machines.  So we went out the other day to the local playground to see what kind of training experience we could come up with.

And you can read about it on my article in the Skipton Press!  Woo Hoo!  I did it again!  I'm so chuffed with myself it's starting to get embaressing...

So click here to read my latest masterpiece!


What we do at the Skipton Stroke Rehab Class

Skipton Stroke Rehab

Please take a look at my latest article in the Skipton Press about what we do at our Skipton Stroke Rehab Class every Friday afternoon.  And while you are there, please feel free to leave comments below the article!


Look at me getting published again!

This is actually a picture of me!

So I've always fancied myself as a bit of a writer (that is actually a picture of me up there, you know!)  And someone has actually been silly enough to publish something I've written!  I know!  Amazing, isn't it!


Thruscross run then Keelham Farm breakfast

Excuse for a good breakfast

Finally managed to get a Sunday morning most of us are available!  So it's time for an excuse for a good breakfast again.


Easy jog followed by nice breakfast.  Click here for details on what it's all about.


9am Sunday 18th.


How good do you want to be?

This is a quicky coming from a conversation I had with a new client a couple of weeks ago. They were surprised how much they have improved in such a short time. They actually said, if they had known it was this easy, they would have done it a long time ago!


Being fit, strong and eating well is good. But they all take effort. And the old adage of

“You get out, what you put in”


Birthday offer!

Happy birthday

So as of this September, I've been doing this self employed thing for 1 whole year!  I honestly never thought it would last this long and I'm still thankful each month that people still value what I have to offer.


We under report our calorie intake.

Healthy eating and nutrition

This story on the BBC ( says that Britons underestimate how many calories they eat/drink.

It also says that if we want to lose weight, we should concentrate more on eating less, instead of exercising more.