I've been good, so I deserve this treat...

Face palm

"I've been good, so I deserve this treat..."

You ever said something like that to yourself?  I have.


It's alive!!!

It's alive!

My website has been down for a few days now.  I'm not sure what happened, but it looks like I pressed the wrong button and it suddenly crashed and burned.  And I've been spending all my spare time since trying to fix it.  And I think I might have done it!


What we did in Skipton Stroke Rehab this afternoon

Skipton Stroke Rehab

So today we made the marching exercise a little bit more interesting:


Embsay moor run and breakfast this Sunday morning...

Run and breakfast

It's time again!  Getting out and about this Sunday morning, just as an excuse for a good breakfast afterwards at Bean Loved!


Symptoms of unfitness???

My friends mum came up to me after her training the other day and said:

"God, I'm so unfit!"

She then listed the symptoms of her "unfitness"...

  • Breathless
  • Aches/stiffness in muscles
  • Feeling like she might be sick
  • Feeling knackered.

But the symptoms she is listing there are actually for a different condition...and that condition is called Working Bloody Hard.

Well done.


Feb Strength & Fitness Assessment

Strength and Fitness Assessment

The next monthly Strength & Fitness Assessment is on Sunday 21st Feb at 3pm, at Broughton Hall.

See how you are progressing and see what you are going to work on for the following month.

Please share with everyone!


FLASHmob on Saturday afternoon, anyone??

FLASHmob Fitness

So with one thing and another, I've been busy these past few months, and we haven't done any FLASHmob training sessions for quite a while.

So lets change that, shall we?


Saturday 13th Feb, 1pm


Meet at Embsay Reservoir


Next Run and Breakfast - Sunday Feb 28th

Rees Fitness Run and Breakfast

So do you know what the Rees Fitness Run and Breakfast is?  No?  Then click here to find out, then come back here and read will then make more sense.


Skipton Stroke Support Group

Skipton Stroke Support Group

Skipton Stroke Support Group.

As you hopefully know, I have started taking a stroke rehab class on Friday afternoons at Craven Fitness Centre (click here for all the details).