KUGB Nationals 2006

Pictures from the 2006 KUGB Shotokan Karate National Championships.  See these and many more pictures and prints from our Gallery.


KUGB Grand Slam - 25/8/07

Janine Collins vs Holly Sterling Some of the action from the KUGB Grand Slam of August 25th 2007. As always, if you can help me put names to faces...please get in touch! And as always, big thanks to Helen and Jane who always come through for me and tell me who these top athletes are!


KUGB Grand Slam - 24/02/07

Some pictures from the KUGB Grand Slam of Feb 24th 2007. Wales Vs. England Vs. Scotland.

There are quite a few of them, but let them all load, because at the bottom there are a few action sequences that are pretty good!


Fit for Health, Life and Performance.

1. Fit for Health

The World Health Organisation defines health as:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Two thirds of the adult UK population is now considered obese. According to figures from the National Audit Office, obesity can take up to nine years off your lifespan. You are also far more likely to get many other problems, including:


You’re not exercising unless you are doing bicep curls (?)

People are very fond of bicep curls.  It's understandable, as a bulging bicep has been the standard image for strength for generations.  And there is nothing wrong with having "big guns"...but curls are given waaaaaaaaaay too much importance!

I see people doing them all day every day.  And when i ask what their actual goals are in the gym, the most common answers are

"to lose some weight and get a bit fitter".


The “right” and “wrong” ways to do an exercise.

I was taking a client round the gym yesterday, and he asked me a common question... "whats the right way to do a situp?" The short answer to this is "there isn't one"...the long answer is:

There is probably a million different ways to do a situp or crunch, and none of them are right, and none of them are wrong...they are just different.  Some versions will be:


What I look for in exercise workouts.

I've done a fair few workouts, and seen even more, but these things are always included in the best...


Why exercise is like shoes....(?)

Forgive me for the rambling nature of this's early and I'm still half asleep. I did a very quick and un-scientific survey in work over the weekend.

"Why do you actually do exercise?"