Fitness training for 23/9/09

Todays circuit was geared towards the upper body and went like this:

  • Rowing



Chelmsford Display at KUGB Nationals 2007

Half time display at the KUGB Nationals 2007, by the Chelmsford Display Squad:


Keystone Abilities. What are they and do you have them?

Keystone Abilities are derived from the biological term "Keystone Species".  These are plant/animal species that have a disproportionate effect on their environment.  In other words, their presence (even in very small numbers) have a big effect on everything else around them.  So if these Keystone Species are ok, then the surrounding environment is almost certainly ok too.


Bunkai to Shotokan Kata Empi

Sensei Paul James (5th Dan) takes you through a possible Bunkai to Empi.

Important:  This is a possible bunkai to Empi.  So before thousands of you keyboard warriors start foaming at the mouth saying that it is wrong or a corruption of Shotokan, remember the most important words to live by...

Movement & Variety.


Why we do practical, functional training

My sister took me to the Lake District on Saturday.  It was a fantastic day and we climbed up Helm Crag in Grasmere.  It was a lovely walk, with a fair bit of climbing up steep boulders and rocks.


This weeks fitness session was…

In case you missed it, this is the circuit we did at this weeks fitness session.  We went 3 times round...

Box Jumps

Shoulder Press


September 2009 Gym Challenge

We are holding a "Gym Challenge" in work at the moment.  It is dead simple, virtually everyone can do it and its an amazing fat burning, fitness workout in itself.  It goes like this: