Advent challenge - Dec 5

Advent Exercise

Advent challenge - Dec 5

So how is it going for everyone so far?  I've only had 1 person tell me they are too scared to even open the Advent Challenge so far!  I'm not entirely sure what to say about that...So straight into todays challenge!


Advent challenge - Dec 4

Advent Exercise

Advent challenge - Dec 4

OK, so it's the start of the first full week of December...time to knuckle down if you haven't already.  Don't be like others and put it off for later...if you honestly think it is worth doing, do it now.


Advent challenge - Dec 3

Advent Exercise

Advent challenge - Dec 3

The format of today is the 10, 20, 30 second superset!  You have 2 alternating exercises (you swap between one and the other) and you do 10, 20 then 30 seconds of each.  Your goal is to maximise the number of quality repetitions.  Crappy ones don't count (anyone can do them like crap...we want to polish that turd!)


Advent challenge - Dec 2

Advent Exercise

Advent challenge - Dec 2

Welcome to day 2!  And don't forget, let us know how you are getting along (good, bad, can't be arsed) on the facebook page:


December - Earn it!

Stay on the path - December

It a new month tomorrow.  So perfect time to take stock of where you are, what you want to do and how things have gone over the past month.  And because it's December tomorrow (which means the annual descent into chocolate, booze and doing bugger all) we run the risk of falling off the rails and overindulging.

Nothing wrong with having a good time, just make sure you bloody earn it before hand!


Something special for you in December...

Coming Soon...

Some special stuff coming up for you...

It's nearly December, so in the spirit of jumping on the bandwagon, get ready for some Christmas themed challenges!  This year we have the Advent Challenge and the 12 Days Of Christmas Challenge...


Movement analysis after achilles rupture and repair - 30/9/17

So now I am out of the boot and am starting to move around like a normal person, my rehab proper starts.  And like a proper scientist, I want to set a benchmark to see where my left ankle is at the moment, what its limitations are and how they change over time.

So here are a couple of movement benchmarks.  We got the squat, walking, reverse lunge and a measure of ankle mobility...


The boot comes off, and I didn't expect this!

So I had my first full day without the boot on yesterday and did some good walking too and from the gym.  I was concentrating on walking as properly as possible (rolling through my foot and not hobbling with a super stiff ankle).  And it all worked well!  I was so happy with how it went!  I could feel both my achilles and calf working nicely!


Achilles repair - The boot is off!

Had my last appointment with the consultant this afternoon.  All looked well and he was happy with the scar and the movement in my ankle and the amount of pressure I could put through the ball of my foot.

So that's it from him!  The tendon is nicely fixed and now I just need to make sure I don't snap it again (10% chance of a previously ruptured Achilles going again) and regaining the strength I've lost over the last (nearly) 3 months.